D3S has been existing since 1996, taking care of all types of forging and assembly tasks.

We prioritize having a strong and close collaboration with our customers.

We do not consider our projects finished, until the end result is satisfying.

About D3S

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EN 1090-1

CE marking of steel and aluminum structures.

EN 1090-1 is a quality and execution standard that, depending on the complexity of the company's products, imposes requirements on quality management in the design phase. This ensures that the finished construction meets the requirements of design standards as well as customer demands.


At D3S, we have ample experience in the installation of steel structures, piping systems, electrical installation, and much more.


We handle a wide range of turning and milling tasks, as well as the repair of existing items and the manufacture of new ones.

In addition, we process black & stainless steel, aluminum, brass, as well as POM/plastic.


We carry out high-quality welding tasks with professional expertise.

We provide certified welding in MIG, MAG, and TIG welding in black, aluminum, and stainless steel. As one of the few in Denmark, we can also handle welding in large thicknesses, for heavy equipment. We have welding procedures for material thicknesses up to 200mm.


We have extensive experience working with stainless steel, where we produce components for biogas plants, dairy, and canteen equipment, among others.

We work with all types of stainless steel and are ready for new tasks.


The advantages of stainless steel are numerous, but it may be more advantageous to use aluminum. Aluminum is much lighter than steel, and like stainless steel, it does not rust.

We handle many special tasks in aluminum, as well as welding tasks in TIG and MIG welding, including several marine projects.


We love our job and look forward to working with you on your next project!