LIfting Gear & Solutions For Offshore Work

Lifting yoke

A lifting yoke is designed to evenly distribute weight and secure it across multiple lifting points to avoid damage to the object, lifting equipment, and the individuals performing the lift.

Heavy-duty lifting yokes are commonly used in industrial and construction projects where heavy objects need to be lifted, moved, or precisely positioned.

We are designing lifting yokes in various shapes and sizes depending on the specific application and load.

230-01-01 Lifting tool for 130-60T-120 m HUB
155-01-01 Lifting tool gear nacelle complete
227-01-01 Lifting tool for 3,6-107 m
159-01-01 model old Lifting boom assembly for hub 107 m rotor

Container Solutions

Workshop, Pull-out platforms, Cranes, Chemical Collection systems, etc...

We create various container solutions Customized to specific needs. We designed and equipped containers with the right tools to address the task, such as crane equipment, workbenches, cabinets, racks and holders, power outlets, collection systems, and pull-out platforms for equipment that requiring better access.

The container is fully customized to your requirements and needs, allowing you and your employees to navigate the workday more efficiently.